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Re: [IP] batteries

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>Subject: Re: [IP] batteries
>Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 00:52:08 EST
>In a message dated 3/22/00 7:58:09 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
>email @ redacted
><< Just thought I'd share this little tidbit...did I mention I'm pooped? >>
>Sounds like our house!!!!   I too am pooped!  Getting started on this pump
>has been exhausting but worth every time I get up to check those basal in 
>nightime just to see if they are correct.  I feel like I have a new baby in
>the house!  Laurie

Gotta add my two cents here!  Getting started on the pump at our house was a 
godsend.  I was sleeping only about 2 hours total each night because my 
husband had many violent, convulsive insulin reactions in the night.  I 
could not leave him alone at night--ever.  It was easier to stay awake than 
to sleep and wish I was awake. Now, since the pump- I sleep, my kids sleep, 
and getting up once in the night to check the pump is nothing. My baby grew 

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