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Re: [IP] Early Morning Low

Good questions!
This may sound totally daft, but I kinda had the inpression the basals
helped control  rebound highs.
Glad you were able to get yourself to the bathroom Jim, but maybe you oughta
keep em by the bed next time in case you wind yourself up in the blankets so
much you can't get out!  LOL
Is there any chance you were miscalculating the minutes due to your low?  I
guess you checked the timing on the meter when you got up this morning
though.  (my best SNL voice) "Nevermind."

Any chance you ate a set of them twice?  The other day when Paddy was low I
fed him, and then as I was clearing the table he was ADAMANT that he had not
eaten yet.  Checked him again(I mean, the kid had consumed a GRIZILLION
carbs) and he was still 49(51 with meter recheck).  He ended up eating 129
carbs(divide by 15 here) at that meal!!!!  And he was STILL low at bedtime.
Come on pump...just a few more days......
Charisma :)

><snip>a reading of 41. Four  tabs and 10 minutes 39. Three tabs and ten
minutes 36. Five tabs and 30
> minutes in a hot shower to increase my blood flow 85. At 8:00 this morning
> I am ........................289! Didn't the first seven tabs get consumed
> by the drops? At what point did they resurrect? <snip>

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