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[IP] Early Morning Low

I woke up this morning around 4:30 cst and wasn't sure why. Tried to throw 
back the covers and take care of a reason it didn't seem to be but the 
covers didn't want to be thrown. Now getting up seemed to be more urgent 
than a few minutes ago, no I still didn't feel like I needed to get up and 
I was beginning to feel more like a mummy every second. Finally I am 
sitting on the side of the bed and standing up I almost land flat on my 
face, my muscles are weak and spastic. Immediate thought, low blood sugar. 
Second thought, how am I going to get across the bedroom to my bathroom 
where the meter and glucose tabs are. If you have ever described someone's 
pool expertise as "poke and hope" you now have me in the bathroom. Finally 
get a test strip to go in with out crumpling and get a reading of 41. Four 
tabs and 10 minutes 39. Three tabs and ten minutes 36. Five tabs and 30 
minutes in a hot shower to increase my blood flow 85. At 8:00 this morning 
I am ........................289! Didn't the first seven tabs get consumed 
by the drops? At what point did they resurrect? Oh well, life as a single 
and living alone can be interesting and yes I have two cats. But where were 
they, hiding under the bed as I tried to get out from under (inside?) the 


45 y/o     IDDM 10/61     pumping 12/99

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