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Re: [IP] Hearing Beeps

Bonnie Richardson wrote:
>  My current 507 volume is
> up as loud as it can go and still isn't loud enough to hear when I am
> sleeping.   Minimed take note......Actually, I hope future models have
> greater adjustable volume or, better yet, vibrations for those of us whose
> hearing isn't what it used to be!

The 508 has a vibration mode, as well as a remote control. However, if
you use the vibration mode a lot, it eats up the batteries fast. In
addition, you apparently can't feel the vibrations unless the pump is
right next to your skin.

I can understand wanting to hear beeps when you're on suspend, but I
wonder why they made it beep when you're on a temporary basal. When I
set one, I know exactly how long I've set it for, and don't need any
reminders. I find the beeps annoying. 

Does anyone find that feature useful?
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