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[IP] Hearing Beeps

Brian Wrote: From: Brian Carter <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] beeps
 >Since we have not used the pump yet for longer than 30 minutes I am 
>about this--does it beep when it is giving a basal?

Nope no beeps or anything. you may hear a faint little buzz  when the motor 
kicks in. snip <

  Lordy, Brian, what good ears you have to hear the motor buzz.  My MM, 
usually attached at waist, with sweater or shirt hanging over it (not to 
hide the pump, but to hide my disappearing waistline and ever widening 
hips), is so quiet I never hear anything.  Only when it is in my hand or on 
the counter do I hear clicks...course the past years of loud rock and roll 
have put a dent in my hearing ability. The very few times a "no delivery" 
alarm has gone off (maybe 3 times in 4 years) I didn't even hear it.  My 
dog did and woke me up.  When in suspend mode, I have to keep it close to 
my face or outside my clothing for the beeps to remind me it is on.  No one 
ever seems to hear it clicking at a restaurant.  My current 507 volume is 
up as loud as it can go and still isn't loud enough to hear when I am 
sleeping.   Minimed take note......Actually, I hope future models have 
greater adjustable volume or, better yet, vibrations for those of us whose 
hearing isn't what it used to be!

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