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[IP] static electricity

I called Minimed a few months ago when I had my pump wiped out with a E13
warning.  It isn't the static electricity that causes it directly.  The
problem is the timing of the electric shock you get.  The Minimed pump does
a system self check a thousand or more times a day.  If you get an electric
shock during one of these tests the system test can fail and thus give a E13
warning.  These basically erase the pump and stop it from delivering.  This
is a safety check so that the pump won't malfunction and over deliver or
underdeliver.  So out of the 150 electric shocks I have given myself in the
past few months (my office is a haven for static electricity), I have only
have had 2 E13s. 

This is how the rep explained it to me.  Hope this helps those people who
were worried about electric blankets, etc.

-- Sherry
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