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Re: [IP] To PARENTS--a LONG post about fear

I'm not a diabetic parent but a diabetic.  If it were one of my children, I 
would worry as much as the parents who have expressed themselves here but I 
don't worry as much because it is me.  

A few times I forgot I had diabetes and ate differently than I should have. It's
understandable how you could have forgotten too.  

Try to take a break and get some rest.  You need to take care of yourself so you
can care for your child too.  When you're tired, everything is overwhelming.


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Subject: [IP] To PARENTS--a LONG post about fear
Author:  email @ redacted at Internet
Date:    03/23/2000 2:23 AM

Are any of you ever so tired, just so completely emotionally and physically
drained that you are AFRAID to go look and see if your child is still alive?
And have you ever thought, on the 400th night up in a row, when you can't
possibly imagine you have one brain cell is left that is reliably
functioning, that IF your child is gone, he/she will still be gone in  a few
hours after some sleep?

I NEVER  EVER DO leave him....just have had those thoughts a couple of
times.  But it makes me feel TERRIBLY guilty as a person to even just have
thought them.  What horrible part of a person's mind could think that kind
of thought about another person, but ESPECIALLY a helpless child?   My OWN

I guess some days the whole diabetes just becomes more than I can think
about handling for another second, and I wonder how he does it.  I don't
feel guilty about that much, but I feel my thought processes have taken
themselves to the extreme and back at times.

Anyone else?  Even just one parent on here so I don't feel so much like
Hitler in the morning???  Cause I can't go on reading posts from you folks
if I am the only complete flake on the list.

Charisma   ^.  .^
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