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Re: [[IP] To PARENTS--a LONG post about fear]

email @ redacted wrote:
> Never forget the day, about two months after he was dx'd I got us on the
> for a long day out, a fun one, and halfway to town realized I had no D
> supplies; or the day I got us up and proceeded with a pre-D normal day.  He
> ate no breakfast,  we snacked  until about 1pm when I SUDDENLY
> remembered---HE IS DIABETIC!!!!  AAAAAA  It had completely slipped my mind.
> WEIRD sensation.

This is not horrible. it's human nature to slip like this at times. I've been
diabetic for nearly 44 years and sometimes I get in that frame of mind myself.
Since he is using a pump it is MUCH less harmful that if he was on shots, and
it would have made itself known clearly within a few hours. At least with a
pump he has his basals going around the clock.
> So I am guessing you are all wondering why I have called you here.......
> Are any of you ever so tired, just so completely emotionally and physically
> drained that you are AFRAID to go look and see if your child is still

Not being the parent of a diabetic I can't answer this directly, but I
wouldn't be surprised if my parents didn't feel this way sometimes. Diabetes
is a real drain on everybody's life, but these feelings are short lived and
your child is doing well, so don't sweat it.

> I guess some days the whole diabetes just becomes more than I can think
> about handling for another second, and I wonder how he does it.  I don't
> feel guilty about that much, but I feel my thought processes have taken
> themselves to the extreme and back at times.

Absolutely. Almost everybody here has some version of this happen sometime,
"Does it ever end????"
> Anyone else?  Even just one parent on here so I don't feel so much like
> Hitler in the morning???  Cause I can't go on reading posts from you folks
> if I am the only complete flake on the list.

You are NOT a flake, just a person under incredible pressure dealing with her
child's lifelong affliction. Hang around, you add something to the life of the
list, and are as deserving as anyone else who comes here for mutual support.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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