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[IP] a LONG thank you to list

During the training on Tuesday I was armed to the teeth with all of the
suggestions I have read over te last month+ on here re: bubbles.  I think,
outside of inserting the sets, it was my biggest concern.   I'll never
forget the guy who said "first of all, bubles are not magic....they come
from somewhere..."  Really fantastic post that was!

The trainer looked at me as though I was a TOTAL flake for believing ANYONE
online, and said, well, if they are having THAT many problems, I'd have to
question their training and/or procedure.

Um.....can I have a raise of hands of folks who are NOT competant so I can
disregard your suggestions?  LOL  KIDDING!

But she had that comment about a LOT of my concerns.  However, she did not
know about a LOT of stuff I am positive happens......such as how long it
takes for a battery to die after the warning, and, well it is 2 am so I
can't remember, but I had specific ?'s and for each one I was met with a
blank stare or an incredulous look.

And she was WEARING a pump.  I was sorta curious why she would not know.
She wears a minimed, but has full access to a D H Tron at the office as she
trains for both.

Anyways, after all of that, I just was soooo grateful I have had this list
and so many very kind people to give me forewarning, and "pre-training" and
such.  I  understood so much and was aware of things to question to be EXTRA
sure I understood.   You have all been a godsend!

A couple of questions since I got ya all on tenterhooks with  "me lov-r-ly"
letter.........kee hee
-So, now how long do folks generally get with a battery warning on HTRON?
-WHY would I want to change to the new Disetronic? She just basically said
"cause."   I am most concerned about the only one pump issue, but there are
some features that sound better I suppose.  Rremember, this is for a 6 yr
old and I  worry bout what to do if it dies or he does it in somehow, and I
would have to wait for a backup.  Like say, todya, he dumped half a bottle
of baby powder in the living room and fluffed it around for awhile.  He was
making "special effects" for a furby movie.  Would that have done the pump
in?  (I know it did me-cough, cough)
-does anyone know of a magnifying sort of case for the DTRON?  Sort of a
case with a magnifying window for those of us with low vision, cause "icon
driven" sounds great in theory, but when they use those TEEEEEEENSY arrows
to point where you are icon wise it is sorta wasted on me.  I was expecting
much bigger Icons on the screen itself..

Teachers dismissed.but ya'll come back now.  I am SURE to need you again.
And then, soon, maybe someone can need ME!
Charisma :)

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