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Re: [IP] We make pharmacies lose money???

On 22 Mar 00, at 20:12, email @ redacted wrote:

> I went to the drugstore today to get strips and insulin.  As the 
> pharmacist was passing me my 3 boxes of test strips, he told me 
> that pharmacies only get $40 reimbursed from my insurance 
> company plus my $5 copay because of the way the 
> insurance/pharmacy contracts work.  He went on to tell me that 
> the additional cost is a loss for the store, and that a "few patients 
> like you" are bad news for small pharmacies.  To make it even 
> worse, he went on to say how some peoples pay bonuses were 
> bases on the store's profit and losses.

This isn't your fault.  It goes back to whoever negotiated the contract
and the insurance company.  Next time you see him just mention that you 
don't like to see him lose money by filling prescriptions so you'll be sure
to tell everybody you know that they shouldn't go to that store because
he doesn't like repeat business because he loses money on it.... 

> Well! That was news for me! It also made me feel like a big fat 
> loser, like *I* was going to make the store go bankrupt or 
> something, and taking away from peoples salaries.  I almost 
> wonder if he was politely asking me not to come back.  I left feeling 
> a bit guilty over something I have no control over.

No need to feel guilty.  You didn't negotiate the contract and you are
just trying to make the best of a bad situation.  He probably doesn't like
to sell antibiotics either, because some of them have very bad 
reimbursement ratios according to my current pharmacist.  

> Has anyone experienced this before?

Don't let it bother you.  I did business with two pharmacies that ended up 
being bought out by big chains - both of the pharmacists told me that part 
of the problem they had was with the suppliers and insurance companies.  
Neither the suppliers or insurance companies like to deal with small (one or 
two store) companies and do everything in their power to sqeeze them out of 
the market.  They want to do business where they can have one contract 
that covers most of the country instead of having to negotiate and maintain 
several contracts in each town.  Neither one of them ever told me anything 
except that they appreciated my business...  They liked having a customer 
who came in every few weeks and had predictable purchases - it made it 
easier for them to stock those items and meant that the stock would get 
moved without having to sit on the shelf a long time...   

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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