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Re: [IP] Re: 5 Wisdom teeth?!

Not exactly advice, but more of a funny note- I had my wisdom teeth cut out 
(all three (I only had three, I guess Stacie ended up with my missing one!) 
none came out in less than 5 pieces) and was put out in the hospital in the 
80's.  (High school)  They couldn't give me anything for the swelling because 
of the DM, and I couldn't close my teeth, there was that much swelling.  The 
first thing the nurses brought me to eat was a peanut butter sandwich, well 
that wouldn't work, so the second thing they expected me to eat was a turkey 
sandwich!  Finally, my Mom got peeved and made them bring me something 
liquid, soup or something like that, but you would think they'd have a little 
more sense!  But anyway, I came out of it ok in the end!

Good luck!

aka Mouse
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