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Re: [IP] Emla

  I think that is it absolutely wonderful that you do your site changes 
without the creme.  Also, I can see your point on extra expenses. We all know 
how much this stuff canrun even with insurance.  As far as the wacky sugars 
there are none!  Since you are suppose to chande site from one side to the 
other you simply put the creme onto the area you have choosen for the new 
site and cover it with a tagaderm or something similar.  The pump and the 
site you are going to change is still in and doing it's job. My perspective 
is, is that my daughter has had so much to deal with in these past few years 
that I choose to make life just a little easier for her.  Just a little 
something extra for her like adding bubbles to my bath.  Definately an 
elective not something someone has to do..   Good luck with getting 
started!!!! Laurie
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