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[IP] Cat's vs Paramedics


I just had to share my adventure today.

At 2:00 PM I test and I was 52, felt ok drank juice and ate 2 fat free 
cookies, 30 grams of carb total.  So I go back to the computer to start 
emailing.  Hmm, all of sudden I don't feel not so right, so I sit down and 
think OK, I'll wait 20 minutes and then re test.  A few seconds later I 
thought, shoot I am not going to make it.  I tried to stand and fell to the 
ground.  I crawled to the phone.  I thought Paramedics, but then there goes 
my front door or call my husband (he's 15 minutes away and I have Glucagon 
).  Good ol me always thinking about finances even at the worst of 
times.  So I was able to knock the phone off of the wall and called my 
husband.  I could barely talk.  I figured I wouldn't die in 15 
minutes.  Then I just collapsed to the ground.  Four of my five cats would 
not shut up.  They we're walking all over me and meowing up a storm.  It 
was like they we're saying, "mom there is sprite in the bottom shelf of the 
fridge, you need sprite, the carbonation will help you, come on mom crawl 
to the frig".  Well I did, I was able to get the sprite, open it and drink 
it.  By the time Steve got home I was still on the floor but coming 
around.  I swear, and I know it might sound crazy, but those loving cats 
saved me and ... my door!  <VBG>  Oh, and thanks to gastro my BS is now 300 
plus!  ARG  oh well, that's life with gastro and diabetes.  But thank God 
for my kitties and a wonderful hubby.

Fran, who's is grateful to be sending this email.

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