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[IP] We make pharmacies lose money???

I went to the drugstore today to get strips and insulin.  As the 
pharmacist was passing me my 3 boxes of test strips, he told me 
that pharmacies only get $40 reimbursed from my insurance 
company plus my $5 copay because of the way the 
insurance/pharmacy contracts work.  He went on to tell me that 
the additional cost is a loss for the store, and that a "few patients 
like you" are bad news for small pharmacies.  To make it even 
worse, he went on to say how some peoples pay bonuses were 
bases on the store's profit and losses.

Well! That was news for me! It also made me feel like a big fat 
loser, like *I* was going to make the store go bankrupt or 
something, and taking away from peoples salaries.  I almost 
wonder if he was politely asking me not to come back.  I left feeling 
a bit guilty over something I have no control over.

Has anyone experienced this before?

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