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Re: [[IP] Static & Minimed -- related question]

"Kathy Trondsen" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> If static discharges wipe out settings on Minimed 508s, it occurs to me to
> wonder if sleeping under an electric blanket will hurt the pump in any way.
> It does cycle on and off through the night.  My training is Monday, and
> maybe they'll cover this, but I thought someone on the list might have an
> answer/experience with this.  If I need to change my blanket, it's no big
> deal, but I don't want to kill my pump the first time I sleep in/with/on

The problem is static electricity, not electrical circuits in blankets.
The blankets keep the electricity controlled in the wiring, static electricity
can happen wherever there is cloth being rubbed by various items, such as
shoes on carpeting, particularly in dry air conditions.

Ask anyway, they may have another answer.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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