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Re: [IP] training appt

In a message dated 03/21/2000 5:04:40 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< However, my
 Mom and Dad came to the pump training and Mom thinks it is drastic and
 unecessary.  I REALLY wish she were more supportive and relaxed about it! >>

Oh, if only Mom and Dad could spend just one day living in a type 1 diabetic 
body with blood sugars raging from 40 to 400 and feel like so many of us have 
felt and still do with the fog over us and nausea through our beings, and 
then spend the next day on a pump with bgs in the "normal" range, alert and 
awake and happy, where a 160 is something to correct for, instead of racing 
in a panic for a snickers.  Just one day would do it.  Charisma, you are 
doing the right thing for Paddy, he will have a better life for it.  I'm 
really sorry your parents don't understand, but I'm sure glad YOU DO!

Let us be your support.  You keep busy being the protective mother bear you 

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