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[IP] Re: Static Electricity

 >>They said it was most likely static electricity, common at
 >>this time of year.  Anyone had a similar problem?
 > This happened w/ my MM508 last friday.  Couple of alarms, and all pump
 > settings were deleted (including basals, so no delivery until i reset
 > them.) The MM rep told me
 > that using a leather case or keeping the pump against your skin will
 > insulate it against shocks.  I didn't notice a shock, though, and have
 > gotten lots of static zaps lately that didn't seem to do anything to 
the >pump.
 > Colleen

Lessee: alarms, all settings deleted including basals, and no delivery - 
yet the zaps didn't seem to do anything to the pump.  hmmmmmmm...  Sounds 
like another diabetic I know who has no complications after 26 years since 
a pre-schooler, yet has depression, pains in joints, unbalanced, can't work 
due to lack of concentration and focus.

I was told those shocks you get also go into the pump. Mine sirened once 
after some shocks and then malfunctioned (6 year-old 506). This is my 
"freedom on a tether" and I want to stay leashed. I'll protect it with 
knowledge and experience.

(60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) and Bluda Sue (507c, 1 yr.)

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