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Re: [IP] training appt AND PLANE info


The Red Tappet.  First of all you only need to use when you're going into 
salt water and doing any sort of deep see diving.  When I first got my D, 
one and 1/2 year ago, I wore the tappet for showering and any kind of 
swimming but then was told the real reason for the tappet.  Bottom line 
without the tappet the pump is still 100% waterproof.  What the Red Tappet 
does is stop water from getting into the cartridge chamber.  The water or 
"whatever" will not get into the insulin cartridge.  Basically all I do 
when I change cartridges is wipe out the chamber if there is any dew in 
there.  I've been doing it this way for a year now and have had zero 
problems.  I have some red tappets somewhere in the house.  :-)  It is true 
the the one and only time you never want to use it is while flying, 
something to do with the cabin pressure.  I would call D or your rep if you 
need more reassurances.


>I went through training today and was told that you should never leave the
>red plug (waterproof thingy) on when you are changing altitude suddenly or
>drastically, say, flying in a plane, or cliff diving!

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