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[IP] wisdom teeth

Brooke, after suffering more than 10 years with 3 bad wisdom teeth, and
several canceled appts. to have them removed, I had them and one next to one
pulled. I was supposed to be put out while this was done, but I had a hypo
during the night and that cancelled out my fasting. When I told the oral
surgeon, he said he would much rather not put me out since I was diabetic.
Well he gave me novocaine injections, pulled those suckers, had to have a few
stitches, and that was that! I only took 2 reg. tylenols for the pain after
wards. I wasn't on a pump then, nor was I under good control by any means! I
don't know if I just got lucky or what. But I sure hope you have as easy a
time as I did. With the pump I would guess it should be easier, especially if
you have problems eating after. Good luck! Denise

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