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[IP] Re: college roomies


I can definitely commiserate. College was difficult with diabetes, but 
my roommates the first year made it tough. They were pretty typical--
partying, staying up late, etc. Which is fine, but it doesn't fit into a 
diabetic's lifestyle at all. And it's a big responsibility to live with a 
diabetic, even when you do it all yourself--there's still that fear, usually 
unspoken, that you will pass out and they won't know what to do. I 
tried to educate them all, and it did help--one time I was low, and 
they got the RA (who I had educated) and they got me some coke. 
On the downside, one of the girls shrieked every time I gave myself a 
shot (then it was only twice a day, thank god) and ran into the 
bathroom. Talk about feeling like a freak--what a long year!

My suggestion is to deal with the disabilities office and see if you can 
hook up with another diabetic. There must be others on campus, 
probably in the same boat you are. Another option that may be 
available is being in a 'study' dorm. There was a nice dorm on campus 
for people with higher GPAs at my college. The students were quieter 
and more responsible, and this worked out well.

If you'd like to write me off-list, I'd be glad to respond. Good luck! 
I've been there.

Maureen Meyers
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