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[IP] Re: wisdom teeth

Hi!  I had my wisdom teeth (all FIVE of them!!) out a year and a half ago.  
All 5 were impacted so I was under general, so I had to fast for a while.  I 
am not on a pump so I am still doing shots.  My surgery was early morning so 
I didn't do my morning insulin until I got back home.  I did my shot (my mom 
did my shot) (cut R in half)and drank a Hershey's Sweet Success.  I slept 
all day and my mom checked my bg's every few hours, they were much better 
than usual, probably because I wasn't eating as much as I usually did.  The 
next few days I ate yogurt, ice cream and (my favorite) fruit baby food 
(there are some really good combinations out there!!) Two days after, I went 
hiking and picknicking with all my friends.  All was fine.  Hope you jhave 
as few of problems as I did!  Try the baby food, too!!

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