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Re: [IP] Pump Observations

Betsy who has been on the pump for just over a month wrote about having 
problems with documenting her basal rates.  I too am having the same 
troubles.  My problem is that I have been on the pump for over 16 years but 
was put on it to achieve a pregnancy.  After having two kids, healthy but 
c-sections I might add, I never got any good information on how to use a pump 
for normal glycemic control.  

In the past year I have upgraded to a Minimed 507c, switched to Humalog, 
learned carb counting, dropped my HbA1c from 9.0 to 6.6, changed doctors (who 
says since I can get to 35 without feeling an insulin reaction, he doesn't 
want this number any lower) dropped a micoralbuminaria reading from 87 to 26 
with the help of an ace inhibitor, lost my mother to cancer, lost my job, in 
addition, about four other things have happened that would take to long to 
explain.  Basically I am tired.

I will be glad to get my swinging sugars under control.  Working through a 
new doctor/CDE team (of approximately 6 weeks) is just like starting over.  
Oh please wish me luck for the endurance to do this again.  The only thing I 
have on my side that Betsy might not have would be I do know that this too 
will pass.  Been there, done that and now doing it again.

Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated though!

diagnosed 12/67, pumping since 1/84, two healthy boys borne 4/90 & 1/93, also 
a husband who although can't sympathize with me, but does stick around to be 
my shoulder to cry on and to pick up the pieces.
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