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[IP] Overseas flight

Kindra wrote
>  Just some last minute jitters.  

Well from the sound of it, it seems like they are well founded...I hope you  
know your problems are the EXCEPTION, not the rule...we just HEAR more about 
it when people have problems, ya know?

Anyway, I have crossed the Atlantic SEVERAL times with my pump and never once 
had a problem.  I never had a spare pump either, but I always had a letter 
from my doctor explaining it and the syringes, as well as copies of all my 
prescriptions.  I used to have had the letter translated into French but I 
can't find it...

Just bring the error cards with you and if you get any error messages, don't 
panic...follow the instructions.  If in doubt, go back to syringes for a 
while.  England is a modern country and you will be able to find an Internet 
cafe and email us...you can access AOL mail from any computer that has 
Internet access now...I can do it from the bike at the gym now!!!  so email 
us and we will help if we can

Most important, don't worry!!!  the stress of that will raise your sugars!  
Remember to test OFTEN during the flight and as you get accustomed to the 
time zone change.  change your pumps time when you arrive...don';t stress 
about missing basal or anything...just adjust according to your bg

bon voyage!

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