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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #23

Renee wrote:
>    I have admittedly skimmed through all posts related to exercising

lol kinda like me skimming through posts relating to "alternative" site 
placements, and then needing the info for an emergency laparotomy...

anyway...my initial suggestion would be...make sure she boluses on the 
conservative side for both meals AND highs while she is doing this exercise 
gig.  If the time is consistent, have her reduce her basals 1 1/2 to 2 hours 
before.  just make sure she sips juice or has some good complex carb before 
so she doesnt crash during...even if she doesnt FEEL the crash, which I 
rarely do when those endorphins are going, it will still be enough to cause a 
boing later. might also suggest she raise her target at bed time slightly so 
she doesnt dip too low in the night

and remember the effects of exercise, whether a low, or a boing can be felt 
24-36 hours later...

remind her that for best benefit, it is endurance, not quick spurts of 
exercise that will tone and tighten best....alternate running and walking for 
1/2 an hour instead of 15 minutes...though i do congratualte her on even 
doing 15 minutes...having just gotten my lazy butt back to the gym after a 2 
month hiatus due to work, has taken herculean efforts, but boy am I glad...my 
basals ahve dropped across the board already...

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