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Re: [IP] civic duties

At 06:27 PM 3/21/00 margaret fong wrote:
 >Hi Folks
 >I've been on jury duty for the last couple of days and have had problems
 >keeping bgs in target range(80-110). Tomorrow is the last day and it is
 >expected to be a looooong day. Any suggestions??? Any would be  appreciated.
 >I would set a temp basal but afraid it would disrupt the court with its
 >intermittent beeps.

Every hour or so, you may want to give yourself a mini-bolus... equal to 
the difference between your current basal and what your temporary basal 
would have been.

Having served on a jury before, I know that there is an awful lot of 
sitting around waiting... it gets maddeningly frustrating at times, and 
none of this helps your BG's at all. I used to take walks during the 
inevitable long lunch periods... it helped maintain my sanity as well as 
lower my BG's.


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