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Re: [IP] Classroom Testing/504(kinda long)

Can 504 apply to college students too?  Not that I have a problem with 
testing but with roommate assignments.  My roomies this past year have caused 
soooo many problems.  All year I have had a much harder time trying to 
control my diabetes than I think I should have.  All they do is drink, do 
drugs, throw parties and cause me too much stress. I went to the director of 
housing and he told me my only option was to move off campus.  Big help he 
was!  I can't afford to live off campus in Charlotte(NC).  So, I have lived 
with it.  When I did my housing papers this time I went to the housing office 
and told them my problems.  The said to have a letter on file from my endo. 
Any ideas on what this letter should say?  Can I do or say anything to the 
housing people if I get stuck in this situation again next year?  Any help 
would be great.

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