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[IP] Overseas flight

Just some last minute jitters.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am going 
back to visit some old friends in England.  This will be my first crossing 
with the pump.  I am on my second mm508. The first had a software error and 
gave me too much insulin in the middle of the night and dropped me to 38!  
They replaced it with my new 508, which received and electrical "shock" and 
was out of order for 3 hours on Saturday night. I had to take the batteries 
out, and then the mm people help me reset the pump.  I was also on the CGMS 
at the same time, but mm said there is no correlation.  I didn't feel any 
"shock " at the time my pump failed, but I was having one X#** x x of an 
insulin reaction.  They said it was most likely static electricity, common at 
this time of year.  Anyone had a similar problem?

I will be taking my 507C as a back up on my trip, and wearing my 508 in my 
bra, so hopefully no probs. with security checks.  Although I am going to the 
UK and they are so security conscious.  (I have letters from my endo. to 
cover everything), but I think I am getting last minute jitters.  Any one who 
can help me settle down is most welcome to write me back here or privately.  
I leave early Friday am.

Thanks so much.
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