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Re: [IP] Uprooting a "couch potato"

In a message dated 03/21/2000 1:31:50 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>     Anyway....I'm now soliciting the group's input on ways you've 
>  successfully handled comparable exercise....Poor Melissa- felt like she'd 
>  tried to do something GOOD & wound up suffering for it!

renee -

i'm on my treadmill 5-6 days a week for 40-45 minutes at a time.      i do it 
at the same time each morning - not too long after breakfast.       i don't 
suspend or take my pump off, just clip it to my shorts.        for months i 
always tested when finished, was good each time, so now test only 
periodically.       i have found, though, that on my "day off" i need a 
little more insulin and my blood sugars seem higher.      

i'm wondering if melissa tried to do it earlier in the day - then if she did 
drop it wouldn't be 3AM.       i know everyone is different, many disconnect, 
but for some reason i just don't have to.       once again, though, YMMV.

wish i was young enough to go to my prom!!     lol

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