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Re: [IP] pumping

email @ redacted wrote:
> I cannot imagine why all diabetics dont get a pump.

Now, THAT'S an easy question to answer!  :)

Some people have never heard of it -- it takes a pump-aware doctor to
suggest pumps. Some people have insurance companies that deny pumps,
even if the doc thinks it's a good idea. Some people don't have
insurance to begin with. Some people are phobic about having something
attached. And some people don't have the intellectual ability or
motivation to handle a pump. And finally, some people are Type 2, and
precluded by doctor's and insurance bias from getting a pump.  

I think pumps are great for those who WANT them. Not everyone does. Not
everyone NEEDS a pump, either -- there are Type 1 diabetics who get good
control on shots and prefer it that way. 

I'd like the pump to be an OPTION for everyone who wants one, whether
Type 1 or 2, but I can fully understand why some people don't want them.

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