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[IP] Pump Observations

Just wanted to share a comment my husband made while I was bemoaning the
fasting required for basal testing.  Understand, I went on the pump over a
month ago, but for various reasons - taking antibiotics, food fluctuations,
etc have not been able to get the basal testing results to be consistent.
So I am still in phase one - fast 3 hours before bed, test at 3am and
6am...if they are within range I continue to phase 2 at the same time and
continue fasting and testing at 8am and 10 am and then eat.

Any way, while I was griping about not being able to eat popcorn with him
last night, I said something about wondering if I would ever get the basal
rates adjusted.  He looked me square in the eye and said, "No matter
what...things have been ten times better since you went on the pump."  I
thought about it and agree.   Reaction lows are not as low - 20's not 10's
and few of those.  I am not rebounding into the 400's.  And, when I remember
I can suspend the basal during a string of reactions, I can stop them

So, I will continue to fast and pray for some kind of pattern to develop.

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