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[IP] Uprooting a "couch potato"

 Greetings everyone:
     I have admittedly skimmed through all posts related to exercising, 
because my 17 yr old pumper daughter wasn't doing any. Last night though, she 
decided it was close enough to prom time to make an effort & she did 15 
minutes of running on the treadmill. Pump was off, stayed off for 30 mins 
afterwards. At 11:30 she was 85, so she had some cheese ( fat, protein- good 
choice to "hold her" ostensibly) and crackers.....At 3:00 am ( why is it 
ALWAYS 3:00 a.m.!!!) she awakened me to say she was 58....juice, animal 
crackers, bolused I presume ( I had crawled back to bed).....awakened at 
270...b-o-i-n-g..... rebound! Took 4 units by injection & left for school...
    Called me an hour later to say she felt funny, tested & was 
38!!!.....ate, rechecked, but continued dropping....wound up visiting with 
the nurse for over 90 minutes, missing a test & eating a lot of carbs for 
which she was afraid to bolus....
    So now I'm curiously awaiting her return from school to see how high she 
boomeranged after the low....sigh..
     Anyway....I'm now soliciting the group's input on ways you've 
successfully handled comparable exercise....Poor Melissa- felt like she'd 
tried to do something GOOD & wound up suffering for it!

Regards, Renee (yawning pump-mom)
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