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RE: [IP] wisdom teeth

I am jealous that you get to go through this experience with a pump!
I had mine out in 1994 when I had just turned 18.  All four were embedded,
one was against a nerve, one had grown a cyst, and the other two decided to
give me a break and just be embedded. :)  

My bgs were interesting to say the least.  I had mine out at the hospital
because the oral surgeon wanted to put me under general anesthesia because
of the tooth against the nerve, and he felt safer doing it in the hospital
because  I was diabetic.  

My first down fall was having to fast 12 hours before going in.  I started
the day with a 68.  So the iv they hooked me up to was a 5% dextrose/saline
iv.  Not a large amount but over the 2 hours I was hooked up to it my bg
rose to 169.  I was put on codine as soon as I came out of anesthesia, so
the next week was a blur.  My mom basically took care of me.  My bgs ranged
from 25-350 that week.  The 25 involved glucagon because my mom didn't know
how she could get me to eat.  (Day 2 with mouth still full of gauze).
Because I didn't eat much my mom basically cut out my R and gave me mostly
NPH after day 2.
She tested my bg more often then I normally would have at that time and
somehow we made it through. :)  I think if I had had my beautiful basal
rates set, the whole thing would have gone smoothly.  I remember on day 5
begging for something with carb and protein that was solid not liquid.  My
mom made macaroni and cheese the Kraft Deluxe kind, and cut each piece of
macaroni into tiny pieces.  I proceeded to swallow each piece whole since I
couldn't chew.  But my stomach was much happier for it. :)

Best of luck,
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