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[IP] Feelings about Pumping

Hi Fellow Pumpers
 I have been asked to share some thoughts about my pumping experience with
someone who is considering pumping.  I replied privately, but am sending
part of my reply to Insulin Pumpers as I have never shared these feelings
publicly before and it's time I do so.  here goes.

"The greatest benefit of the pump is that you feel well most of the time
instead of part of the time.  I used to feel as if I had a mild case of the
flu on many days, and that's how I had to live my life: overcoming fatigue
constantly.  The pump changed all that.  I had forgotten what it was like to
feel well.  That in itself is well worth the effort that goes into pumping.
Psychologically I found myself grieving for all the years I missed out on
life and I had to work this out on my own.   I  had to find a new diabetic
team who  handed me back to me by stating that from now on I was the doctor
and they the consultants.  It was a tremendous psychological shift and
although I did not share this with anyone, I was scared at the
responsibility.  I was in my fifties and being told that I could take care
of me and succeed after years of being treated like a wayward child  :-)
trying to please and never succeeding.  Now I had to please me.   Guess
what?  I learned to do just that.

There is much to learn about the mechanics of pumping, but that got easier
over time. The Pumpers  List is invaluable in this respect.  I write to the
list when I have a problem with pumping and get answers right away.

The pump will give you more power over your sugar control and with that
power will come more responsibility.  Instead of going through the motions
of  getting good control -like all the blood testing that
means nothing unless you know what to do with the results-  you will now be
able to make corrections promptly with a click of the pump.  Suddenly you
will be like an ordinary person having to watch her weight, because all your
calories are absorbed now, not peed away.  :-)  A mixed blessing for  those
of us who consciously or not maintained their figure by losing many calories
through poor control.

I wish you much success (name deleted), whatever you chose to do, to pump or
not to pump.  Carb counting may seem like a loss of spontaneity, but
remember that the pump itself will put more spontaneity in your life so that
you will come out ahead.  You will choose your own schedule instead of
having to pay homage to the timing of long lasting insulin, sleep late, eat
when you're hungry, not when you "have" to etc.   Do join the Pumpers List
so that you can read of a variety of experiences and see what applies to

Thanks to everyone on the list whose sharings support those of us whose
feelings  often stay hidden in the shadows.  :-)  I am filled with

Denise Guerin
Type1 45 yrears
Pumping 2 years.

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