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Re: [Re: [IP] A friend needs help -- diabetes, and now breast cancer]

email @ redacted wrote:
 Now, you and your 
> friend and also many people on this list will probably have a fit about what

> I am going to suggest, but as a last resort it may be considered.  The toes

> are an excellent place to get a drop of blood.  Not the best place and not
> be used in public, but maybe for those times when testing at home and to
> the fingers a rest.  

OK, but the other option is the earlobes or a Vaculance.

 I know there are many other reasons to not 
> want to use this area, but it does give a good drop of blood, however, it
> sometimes be a little problem getting it onto the strip.

Earlobes would be a problem this way too, but it's easy enough to by small
pipettes to colloect the blood and transfer it to the test strip.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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