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[IP] re: Diabetes and breast cancer

Hi everyone, I have completely forgotten who originally posted the question 
about diabetes and breast cancer. It was the one about the doctor that said 
a person couldn't test their bg in one hand because of the risk of 
infection, etc. etc.  Anyway, I forwarded the post to a friend of mine in 
Texas who used to be a member of this list. She has both diabetes (and a 
pump) and breast cancer, and she told me that I could paste her response 
here.  As I said, I'm not sure who posted the questions, but anyone 
concerned can email Pat at email @ redacted

<<Id be more than happy to correspond with this woman if she would be 
helped  by talking to someone like me with breast cancer AND

Two things come to mind.........1.  there is a benign condition that
diabetic women (long-term insulin users)  get that mimics breast cancer.  
These women are often mis-diagnosed so it might be possible that this might 
be the case here.

2.  I cant believe that a surgeon of all people would tell a patient
that she couldnt have blood sticks in the affected arm/hand.  Its not like 
we are talking about unsterile conditions!    I have blood drawn all the 
time and I test several times a day.....in fact, I even had chemo once a 
week for 12 weeks.  I have had double mastectomies.....so what choice do I 
have when it comes to what arm to use?   Its an "old wives tale".     Women 
can have problems when lymph nodes are removed, but most of the time if the 
surgeon is half-way decent, there's no problem.


I hope this helps...best wishes :) --Gianna

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