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[IP] Air Bubbles And Service Dogs

I just wanted to thank everyone for the advice on how
to remove air bubbles from the cartridge; it was
useful information that I appreciate!  However, I am
still having problems!  :-(

Like some of you have mentioned, I have my cartridge
at room temperature before I put it in my pump.  For
me, that means that I take it out and put it, standing
up, on my dresser next to my infusion sets and other
supplies that I will need in the morning when I wake

I guess what is most frustrating is that I have been
using a lot of the tips you have mentioned, but I am
still getting the bubbles.  Actually, what I am trying
to say is that I have been getting air bubbles in my
cartridge AFTER I have been using that particular
cartridge/tubing/set for awhile.  Have any of you
experienced this?  

Also, I was reading past posts (I didn't have access
to any computer with Internet access until this
morning because of Spring Break) and I noticed a
couple posts about service dogs.  I just wanted to
"say" that, not only is it against the law to force an
owner of a service dog to "get rid" of the dog, but it
is also against the law for apartment managers or
companies, etc. to charge a service dog owner more for
rent than a person who does not own a service dog.  (I
was just told that by a friend of mine who has a guide
dog.)  Hope this info helps!

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted   

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