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[IP] pumping

My son, Kevin, just turned 12. He was dx with Diabetes 12/98 and got a 
Disetronic pump on 5/99. It has been the best experience. I cannot imagine 
why all diabetics dont get a pump. He has a more normal life now that I could 
have imagined him having on the day he was diagnosed!  

About the sites, Kevin used a tender or silhouette (I think for Minimed). 
They go at an angle to the abdomen and not at a 90 degree angle. It goes into 
Kevin at about a 30% angle since he has very little body fat these days. Out 
of the 10 months using them, he has maybe had to remove them for hurting 5 
times...If your son is willing to try another kind of set, try those. They 
are a little scary to look at, but I hear more and more kids are using them 
(and adults) without a problem. It SHOULDNT hurt at all.  Kevin also uses 
EMLA cream for about 1.5 hours before the site goes in. He now does the 
entire site change by himself and doesnt want it any other way. 

Feel free to email me if you have questions. Good luck. You will be very 
happy with your decision!

Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
pumping 10 months!!!
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