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Re: [IP] AtLast Blood Meter

I don't have any hands-on myself - but this is a post from Renee 
earlier in the day - apparently Melissa - her daughter - tested it - 
here's what she says

  Funny you should ask! My 17 yr old daughter Melissa( pumper for 
4 yrs
already) runs a Teen Support group with her CDE. At last night's
gathering, he had her demonstrate the meter. Not only did she 
have to
"prime it" multiple times to get a sampling, but it also left marks on 
arm long afterwards. We had coincidentally been part of a market 
panel a few years ago, testing a prototype version & the general 
of the teens in the group was "thumbs down". I would presume it 
would have
more practical applications for toddlers, but for the teens we know, 
finger pricks are the least of their diabetes concerns.

> Kathie - I went to Amira's website (amiramed.com)and found out alot
> about the meter.  The cost of the meter is approx. $63.00, strips
> approx. $37.00 for 50 and lancets approx. $8.50 for 100.  I hate
> pricking my fingers because it hurts so bad.  I am hoping that this is
> a good product and will offer an alternative.  Still looking for
> someone with hands-on experience.

Steve Winer - Dad to Allie
14 y/o - dx 6/97 - MM508 12/99
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