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Re: [IP] A friend needs help -- diabetes, and now breast cancer


I can't help about the breast cancer for you friend, however from a friend of 
mine all that you said seems to be true.  However, I will make a statement 
about the testing.
I tend to use one hand more than the other but that is by choice not 
necessity so it therefore doesn't seem confining to me.  Now, you and your 
friend and also many people on this list will probably have a fit about what 
I am going to suggest, but as a last resort it may be considered.  The toes 
are an excellent place to get a drop of blood.  Not the best place and not to 
be used in public, but maybe for those times when testing at home and to give 
the fingers a rest.  Of course, some extra cleansing would be recommended and 
more care after collecting the blood and putting the sock and shoe back on.  
I also realize this is not an option if you are susceptible to foot ulcers or 
numbness or other foot problems.  It is just a suggestion and probably should 
only be used as a last resort.  I know there are many other reasons to not 
want to use this area, but it does give a good drop of blood, however, it can 
sometimes be a little problem getting it onto the strip.

Nancy 35 years D pumping 12 years.  
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