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Re: [IP] Height/weight check

> I read - i think in Diabetes Interview - that the stats
for Type 1's with D, they were
> abo ve average height.  I gave my book away, Did someone
else read that also?

Although I am a bit above average height (6') I am the
shortest among my brothers and dad (6'1", 6'2" and 6'5").
Why wouldn't they have it?  Until I hear how, and where,
the stats were gathered - self reported, hospitals,
mortuaries (if dm'ers die younger they would have less of
the effects from aging), is it at birth.  Has it been
backed up by another study?

This sounds like the report that claims left handers die
younger.  The reporting for handedness was uneven (the
unknowns were assumed to be righies) and many older people
are assumed to be right because when they were young, left
handedness was frowned on (my dads left hand was beat on
by nuns with a steel ruler so he wouldn't use it, and he

If anyone can give a source, I would like to see it.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
There is a theory that states: "If anyone finds out what
the universe is for it will disappear and be replaced by
something more bizzarely inexplicable." There is another
theory that states: "This has already happened."
 - Douglas Adams (from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the

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