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[IP] A friend needs help -- diabetes, and now breast cancer

Dear Insulin Pumpers,
   I received a letter from a friend. I (most thankfully) don't have the
knowledge or experience on this issue but I'm betting that of the 2,000
people on this list, someone knows what it is to deal with diabetes and
cancer. I'm including a part of my friend's letter. If you have any relevant
experiences that you would be willing to share, I will forward these to her,
whether you post those here or send them to me privately. Please include in
there if it would be OK for my friend or her sister to contact you directly.

Here is the piece of letter:
   "now have a more pressing issue I need your help with.
My oldest sister B--- has been diabetic for 32 years and was just diagnosed
with breast cancer.  Do you know anything she'll need to know re: her
diabetes when it comes to radiation, chemotherapy, etc.?  Tomorrow she has
surgery to remove lymph nodes from under her arm, she says the surgeon told
her she can't do blood tests on that hand for FIVE YEARS due to reduced
immune abilities, pinpricks could easily become infected.  .  Can this be
right?  If you know anything from articles or friends or whatever, please
pass it my way."
Thank you to anyone who can help.


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