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[IP] forwarded message from DAWN!

Hi Charisma -

I have a really big favor to ask - can you forward this message to the list?


Hi all -

I've been pumping since Friday!!!  Yippee!!!   All is going good so far, the
site does not hurt one bit!!!  I was amazed!!!!   Sleeping has been a bit of
a chore, due to checking my sugars four or five times in the middle of the
night, and my fingers are a bit sore, but all in the name of pumping.....;)

I did have a high sugar yesterday morning, but that was because I ate at
Burger King (I stayed overnight in a motel in Wenatchee) and they had NO
nutritional info to give me so I could accurately count my carbs!!!   So I
guessed, but it wasn't a good guess.   Ah well.   VBG   I can't explain the
exhiliration I have felt not having to do shots the last few days!!!!

The start went well, I met with my trainer on Friday morning, she said I was
the easiest start she's had (one hour start!) due to the fact that I read
the books, watched the video, and played with the pump plenty before hand -
I already knew most of it, and I have this list to thank for it!!!!   You've
all been wonderful, and I know will continue to be.  Just wanted to let you
all know how things went.

Dawn, who never knew freedom came with a tether....VBG

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