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Re: [IP] HUMALOG probs

He had a localized reaction--that is to say within four inches of the
injection.  Welts, red, rashy, itchy and severe stinging.  Hopwever, the
longer we used it, the further out it spread until I finally had him taken
off. It was not doing us much good anyhow at the time.  Additionally, he had
severe emotional reactions---hyper, angry out of proportion--lasted anywhere
form 10 minutes to an hour after the shot. .
Now, I called the clinic I had when it happened it was SO clearly the
humalog.  They said they'd never heard of it.  I called Eli Lilly,  and they
said it was unheard of.  But I asked for a supervisor and said, "no, it IS
heard of, because it happened to my son."  The supervisor said it is a
common reqction inkids and they had heard of it a lot before.  So there!  Oh
get so ticked off when people give me the runaround and tell me it is in my
sons head, or my own.  HIS rash is in MY head????
Anyhow, it seems to be something Lilly knows about but does not
Charisma :)

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