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Re: [IP] exercise-glucose dump??

Hi Amy,
You sound like quite a gal.  I'm inspired!  I do a martial art which is
quite intense and have quite a struggle getting rid of low blood sugars
and spiking after class.  I'm 47 years old and been a diabetic since I
was 14Here's the routine I am finally settling into-- maybe it will help
One hour before my class, I have my usual meal with 1/4 of my usual
bolus.  At the same time(one hour before class), I set a temporary basal
rate at .3 for 3 hours(my usual basal rate is .5).  This prevents me
from going low during my class and automatically puts me back at my
usual basal profile afterwards.  Here's the interesting thing:  I've
found that I need to take an additional bolus of 2 units after class has
ended as my blood sugars tend to spike naturally after exercise.
Something to do with replenishing the stores of glycogen that have been
used during activity....I also change my target blood sugar which is
usually 6.7 (that's Canadian for 120) to 9.0 (or  160 in US mgs)and use
dextrose and/or gatorade to adjust upwards during class if I get below
my target. .Its amazing what you can learn by testing testing and more
testing.  You need to identify your own patterns and work with them.  It
requires tremendous patience (which I tend not to have-I get frustrated
when I feel I've failed.  But there is no failure-only results- and we
can learn from our results.  So go for it, girl. Stay calm.  Be brave.
Watch for the signs.  xo  Marilyn

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