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[IP] Re: height/weight

I have 2 sons, one with diabetes and one without.  Neither are above average 
height.  Both are around 5' 7" tall--ages 17 and 19, so probably won't get 
much taller.  The older is not diabetic and weighed 6 lb., 6 oz at birth.  
The younger, who has diabetes, weighed 9 lb. 3 1/2 oz at birth.  I've always 
heard that mothers of large babies had a greater tendency toward type 2 
diabetes, and wondered if the high birth weight was a contributor to his 
diabetes, but I think we have been throughout that here before and found no 
significant correlation.  I don't think height is a factor either.  All my 
dad's siblings have type 2 and only one of them is over 6 ft. tall.  I think 
we are all grasping at straws.  Just my 2 cents.

Betsy Smith 
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