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Re: [[IP] bleeding at site]

pat <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi,I have only been on the minimed 508 for about a week and it is still
> trial and error at
> this point although it is bringing my sugars down. Yesterday when I
> changed my infusion
> set there was a small amount of blood by the site in my abdomen.Is this
> common or anything I should be concerned with?

It sometimes happens that the canula rubs or knicks a capillary on the way
out, or may have done so on the way in and sealed it up till removed. Not
really unusual or much of a problem. Blood at the site is ony a problem when
it fills up the set before you connect, thenb you K?NOW it's a problem.

Also the other day when I
> delivered a bolus it
> said no delivery.I tried about 3 times and then called the 800#.They
> told me to change
> the whole set.Boy it seems like you waste a lot of insulin on this pump
> or is it just that
> I am new to it?

It happens. If the set gets crimped going in (or a any time, for that 
matter, it WILL need to be replaced. It shouldn't really waste much insulin,
you really only need to replace the canula end itself, presuming that you use
a quick disconnect set. You needn't replace the syringe or main hose.

Also if you want to take a long bath do you just
> disconnect at quick
> release or what.

That's what I've done ever since they came out with quick disconnect sets.

Is 30 minutes too long to be disconnected.

It shouldn't be. If concerned you can bolus enough to cover the basals for the
entire time expected (if certain) or half the time before and whatever 
time remained uncovered, if uncertain beforehand. Of course your bg level
beforehand may affect this, so be careful.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
MM507c for 1.2 years, MM506 for 5 years before that, Comfort infusion sets

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