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Re: [IP] RE: overcorrecting dilemma


in geneva's case. ...  MOST of the time her lows are from an over dosing
with carb ratio,  or running around at PE or recess...or miscalculating a
bolus.  she usually does not CRASH like on NPH  so we just see a dip of
about 20-30 points.  easily handled by a lifesaver or two which will bring
her up 20-40 points.

so, yes to your question in OUR case.

> So why should a low be treated with fewer carbs when on the pump?  Is it
> because, given correct basels, the low is probably from a too big bolus of
> "H" and will go away quickly; as opposed to a low from "N" insulin which
> stay in the body for a while

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