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Re: [IP] insulin pump survey

>> Do you know in fact that this will be beneficial to us
>> Could it not simply be a marketing tool/ploy?

> It is a marketing survey, in the end,  the data will
> result in improvments in products and/or services used
by the
> members of this support forum. I don't really care if
the marketing
> firm or anyone else makes money (or not) on this
activity if in some
> small way it helps us as a group -- which I believe it

I agree.  I can think of a lot of ways that it would be a
help, and very few, if any, that would not (at least for
me).  I do have a quick shift-delete key and sometimes
find spam humorous.

I also think it was a very bad survey.  In the meat of it,
I didn't understand that it was to be comparing types of
pumps.  If they are to use my input to determine which
type they should make, they will not have very much info
to work from.  I basically put the rating for a pump the
size of a cel phone at neither like nor dislike (any pump
is good), and all others at terrific.  If they were to
state that I was about to rate 10 or 15 different types of
pump all on the same page, I may not have scored them so
high for the first few and given a realistic rating with
some use to it.  I will guess that the pump they will be
pushing will be the first type that was presented, as most
pumpers will have rated that one at the top, just because
it was first.  Even if I had figured out the survey after
the first pump, it would still have been biased.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
The best cure for insomnia, is to get a lot of sleep.
 - W.C. Fields

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