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Re: [Re: [[IP] can you intentionally kick off diabetes?]]

email @ redacted wrote:
> Wow, I was with everyone who answered commenting on the stupidity of her
> doc, but I was REALLY interested in Ted's answer.
> So, while she may have a real weirdo for a doc, she could have a valid
> condition!  (who knows if this doc diagnosed it)
> Also, I appreciate the tutorial on the "failing vs not fioaling " pancreas.
> I wondered if that was the right way to say it anyhow, but since I had no
> real idea what she meant....
> Thanks all for the input!!  I am going to try to talk her in to seeing a
> good doc before she tries her grand "experiment"

Another thought just occurred: since this is based on a short conversation
with her you may have misunderstood what the doctor meant. He MIGHT have been
saying he wants to start treating her for the Reactive Hypoglycemia
now before it deveolps into diabetes, not to force it into diabetes. Strained
commuications can do that sometimes, especially with a newly diagnosed person
scrambling to understand....

So she needs to get the doctors position clarified before the treatment gets
going. If he IS advocating a high carb diet for WHATEVER reason she really
needs a new doc right away. Doctors who believe Reactive Hypoglycemia exists
and is treatable seem to be kind of rare, unfortunately.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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