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[IP] Re: Responsibility

This is a tough disease.  There are lots of emotional ups and downs with it.  Having someone 
else to help manage the disease sure does make it easier.  When I was married my husband would 
give me shots when I didn't feel like it, he knew when I was going low before I knew I was going 
low, he participated in a support group with me, and kept up with all the technology.  It was 
nice to have someone there to talk about this disease and to support me.  Now I am all alone and 
have only myself to count on.  I miss having someone there, but I sometimes wonder if having him 
there taking responsibility was detrimental.  My control went downhill after we split up.  Then 
I was in another relationship where we were constantly on the go with lots of hiking, skiing, 
running, etc.  Again, control went downhill after we split up, but it was never as good as when 
I was married.  I go through all the phases of anger, denial, acceptance, etc. even when I had 
someone there, but in the end the responsibility is mine.  It's about making a conscious 
decision to take control and loving oneself enough to take care of oneself. 

Is there a local support group in your area that your daughter could attend?  What about sending 
her to camp? 
Bev O

On 03/17/00 00:39:50 you wrote:
>Well...I knew there'd come a time when I needed to write for advice...my nine 
>year old daugher (diagnosed @ 5yrs...pumping 5 months) went hysterical two 
>nights ago and began yelling she was tired of having diabetes, it wasn't fair 
>and she hated the pump because she couldn't wear her slinky dresses, and that 
>it flopped around too much and she wanted to go back to shots! We talked it 
>out, called her endo at home, chatted (he hoped she would stick with it...), 
>hung up, she then had another fit, called endo back, and finally officially 
>went off the pump.  We are now on day two of the crude shot method of 
>maintaining her diabetes. It's going o.k. and she says she will eventually go 
>back to the pump..."just a few more days." I know that by having the pump, 
>there are a lot more details she has to be responsible for...how much of a 
>bolus for that cookie at her friends house...but it seemed as if she really 
>liked the freedom... Is this too much responsibility for her (yes---I am 
>forever helping her with learning all? I am realizing that I do do most of 
>the "work" when she's on shots----(she had never gotten to the point of 
>filling a syringe), though she does use her BD pen for "extra" snacks, etc... 
>Is this just an exercise of control and choice? I would appreciate any 
>comments or similar stories. Thanks!
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml